No fashion today please sir, perhaps tomorrow?

I go through phases when I think of little else apart from the all encompassing world of fashion, at the moment I’m in a different phase, it’s called ‘I’m not feeling very motivated/I’m lazy’. I sometimes get bored of doing research and just go off and do my own thing only to crawl back to the Vogue archive with my tail between my legs. That’s when I realise that you can’t really be short sighted nor narrow minded when it comes to art. You can’t become relevant if you don’t know what’s relevant. For me, inspiration and sometimes the complete lack of it comes in waves and circles. I mean, when/if I feel really inspired, what tends to happen is that I almost shut my eyes to the world because I am so engrossed in my own work, basically I take my eye off the ball. When I glance up and take a look around, I realise that everyone else has moved on, that really sucks!

I’m currently at that stage where I don’t really like anything (ok, I am really digging high waisted anything with crop tops, but that’s it, ok, and curly hair!). I mean, I guess it could have something to do with the fact that fashion week is over, that’s always a low point I think. Now that I’ve dragged you down to my level, I’m here to bring you back up, I am such a good person (my mum tells me!) Chin up soldiers, summer is well on the way and I just can’t wait. It’s going to be great, I just know it! I think we should all wear flowers in our hair and drink cocktails all day long… ok reality check, this is not 90210 though I’m keeping my hopes up for a lottery win even if I don’t play! Unfortunately I’ll never be seventeen again, though Zac Efron has managed it? hmmmmm? Keep it fashion!

Love you Darling xoxo


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