eBay it, don’t spray it!


In my quest for the ultimate refined wardrobe I have decided to sell a load of my clothes and shoes on eBay, the rest will go to charity shops. I have sold things on eBay in the past and was left disappointed many a time when items didn’t sell or sold at a low price. I’m a little less bothered about that this time, as long as they sell I don’t really mind how much they go for, “every little helps” as they say (“they” being Tesco!). There are many factors I should bare in mind such as how much I actually paid for the items in the first place, how much I’ve worn them and how much they’re actually worth now. I mean, in most cases I paid very little, worn them a lot and so chances are they can’t be worth a terrible amount, especially if they were second hand when I purchased them (which a lot of my clothes are).

This time I’m making sure that I only sell things that I actually want to get rid of. This time I am prepared. This time I am ready (wow, the full stops make this much more dramatic than it actually is). I have kept the postage price as low as I can, started all auctions at the recommended 99p and now all I can do is sit and wait. What I’ve also learned is that although items will sell for very little, it soon adds up. It took me a couple of hours to put up seven items and I am hoping to make at least 30 pounds (I don’t know where to find the pound sign on my computer, bummer!) not bad going if it works out that way. Hey, I just checked and one item already has two bids and it’s only been up for less than a day! How about that then! I think I may have another rummage to see what else I have, first though, a cup of tea is a must, we have three tea pots in our new house! COOL!


This is Darling xoxo


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