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Today I am…

Posted in Today I am... on March 20, 2009 by Tiffany Darling

going to apply a thin layer of fake tan. The pleasant weather of the past few days has inspired to take a further peep into my summer wardrobe. Are we ready for sandals yet? Yes sir! Let’s all apply ourselves wholeheartedly, whip those pins out (though I would probably carry a pair of tights or leggings with me as no doubt it will be cooler tonight) throw on that floral dress and off we go! See you at the ice cream stand 😀

Darling xoxo


eBay it, don’t spray it!

Posted in Fashion Talks on March 17, 2009 by Tiffany Darling


In my quest for the ultimate refined wardrobe I have decided to sell a load of my clothes and shoes on eBay, the rest will go to charity shops. I have sold things on eBay in the past and was left disappointed many a time when items didn’t sell or sold at a low price. I’m a little less bothered about that this time, as long as they sell I don’t really mind how much they go for, “every little helps” as they say (“they” being Tesco!). There are many factors I should bare in mind such as how much I actually paid for the items in the first place, how much I’ve worn them and how much they’re actually worth now. I mean, in most cases I paid very little, worn them a lot and so chances are they can’t be worth a terrible amount, especially if they were second hand when I purchased them (which a lot of my clothes are).

This time I’m making sure that I only sell things that I actually want to get rid of. This time I am prepared. This time I am ready (wow, the full stops make this much more dramatic than it actually is). I have kept the postage price as low as I can, started all auctions at the recommended 99p and now all I can do is sit and wait. What I’ve also learned is that although items will sell for very little, it soon adds up. It took me a couple of hours to put up seven items and I am hoping to make at least 30 pounds (I don’t know where to find the pound sign on my computer, bummer!) not bad going if it works out that way. Hey, I just checked and one item already has two bids and it’s only been up for less than a day! How about that then! I think I may have another rummage to see what else I have, first though, a cup of tea is a must, we have three tea pots in our new house! COOL!


This is Darling xoxo

Rule number one: Reifine your wardrobe (p.s sorry for my obsession with brackets in this post!)

Posted in Fashion Talks on March 3, 2009 by Tiffany Darling

I’ve recently moved into a new pad and strangely enough I have unpacked everything apart from my clothes which are still in laundry bags, I know, weird right?! Hold up, there is a reason for this, basically I don’t have a clothes rail or a wardrobe yet. Though it does feel a little frustrating only being able to reach to the top few layers of clothing, it feels somewhat liberating not to have such a vast variety to choose from. I’ve decided that when these clothes finally emerge from the misty depths of my laundry bags, I am going going to be ruthless, ruthless I tell you! Out with the old (clothes) in with the new (ideas and ideals at least for I have no money to buy new clothes at the present time!) I’m going to recycle (posh word for popping down to the charity shop at the end of my road) all the clothes that I feel no longer fit into my new fashion ideals :

1) good quality fabric and workmanship (obviously)

2)adaptable to my early 90s ‘Rodeo Drive’ look that I’m going for (it’s my new thing)

I’m going to recycle all footwear that has grown too tired, limp and worn, a lot of vintage items that quite honestly are not very nice no matter how cheap they were, how much you squint your eyes or alter the darn things. Most exciting of all I’m going to bin all of my old grey/white underwear, holey socks and laddered tights. Each time I go through this clearing out process (I do it each time I move house) little by little I am refining my wardrobe, and as the old saying goes: quality not quantity.

It really is good to have a clear out once in a while, I find it rather therapeutic, go on… try it! I find that clothes can be more than just garments, they hold memories both good and bad, they hold sentimental value which is perhaps why some find it so difficult to part with them. The way I like to look at it is that with every new garment you get to create new memories and so the more refined your wardrobe is and the more selective you are when buying new clothes, the less chance there is that you will have to part with any of them.

I’m a Darling xoxo

Today I am…

Posted in Today I am... on March 1, 2009 by Tiffany Darling

moving house, HORAH! For the next few days or so I will try my very hardest to find an internet cafe (whilst unpacking a large part of my wardrobe which has been in storage for months, sob sob!) so that I can keep on updating. Failing that, I will have lots and lots to tell you on my return. Until then, stay stylish,

Darling xoxo