The ‘Fake’ Debate


So what’s the deal with this? I’m not saying that I’m pro ‘fake’ designer gear, it’s just that I’m wondering whether I should give in to those bargains on the market stalls (£18 to “the pretty lady”!) Okay, I tell a lie, I already have… a few times actually! Please forgive me! I’m not quite sure what it is but there is something about those Louis Buitton/Bouis Vuitton wallets that lay side by side on those wobbly wooden fold out tables, brightens up my day no end. In reality I think it has a lot to do with the fact I can’t afford an expensive designer handbag and perhaps if I could I probably wouldn’t want one. I’d probably feel too flashy much like those guys in shades that cruise the cities in a hired Lamborghini or Ferrari.

Would I be wrong in suggesting that fake bags are not much more than high street, budget versions of the real ones? Granted, they are in fact illegal, and no they probably don’t “contribute directly to terrorism” (that classic phrase that they like to throw around so casually these days ) but they offend me much less than diluted high street versions. Those dull versions that sell for up to £100 whilst you can get a fake for around £20 (remember £18 to me :D)

However are we “lowering” the brand’s image by carrying around a fake? Well, it’s possible and perhaps probable, but sod it though! Do the extortionate prices keep the items more exclusive and therefore more special or are they simply elaborate schemes to part rich people with their money? Either way, I will continue to wear my fake with pride (that is until I can afford to be a little frivolous with my money)

Tiffany Darling xoxo

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