I can’t quite get my head around Top Shop

I do believe that I may stand alone on this but as very many people cannot bare to sift through rows upon rows of sale items (I love it!) I find it ever so difficult to shop around in Top Shop. I’ve not quite figured out whether it’s the clothes themselves, the volume of clothes under one roof (yes I do mean you ‘Queen of all Top Shops’ on Oxford Street), the amount of displayed items per design, the quality of the garments or all the above? Over the years I have developed a fabric snobbery. It’s a combination of gathering knowledge whilst studying fashion and the fact that the quality of garments on the high street has gone right down the pan. Wash a pair of Top Shop socks once and they turn to cardboard no matter how much fabric softner you use.

I have a vintage Sparks and Mencer shirt, nothing fancy, just a plain old shirt and if I were to compare it with, say, a Top Shop shirt I would probably have a fit. Whilst the vintage shirt is nothing but cotton, it has a certain softness and weight to it where as the Top Shop shirt (as a new garment) feels like it’s been made of 5% steel, 10% hay, 4% sand paper… you get the picture.

However I do like the small diffusion lines designed by high end designers such as Jonathan Saunders and Danielle Scutt. I think one of the things that I find most irritating are the prices because even if I wanted to, I can’t actually afford ANY of it! Though I do pop in now and again to buy some pick ‘n mix, I always have enough money for sweets… oh how I miss Woolworths! And so I mostly shop in charity shops and TK Maxx for the odd designer piece. I know that charity shop shopping is very ‘2003’ but if you go to the right suburbs or villages you can find the most glorious items. Enough bullying of the high street, at least they keep the masses looking stylish (that is until they wash their clothes!) i couldn’t resist one last dig.

A very sleepy Darling xoxo

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