House of Holland Fall 2009 RTW Review

House of Holland Fall 2009 RTW

(photos by Marcio Madeira:

I sometimes feel that one can know so much about a subject (let’s say within the art world for instance) that they lose any sense of innocence and awe as a spectator. By being this way one runs the risk of being too academic in ones appreciation of said subject. That is how I feel about the latest collection by Holland which has received mixed reviews. I myself thoroughly enjoyed watching this collection making it’s debut. Think fairy dust sprinkled on a goth at the sweet stall at a fairground. I instantly felt a humorous tone in this collection whilst at the same time being one of Holland’s most serious and sophisticated collections to date.

There seemed to be an air of confidence, as opposed to cockiness, in this latest collection that I believed to be slightly lacking in previous ones, not including last season of course. It was easy on the eye, no confusion, clean lines and sharp edges. I really liked the stripes and the simple yet effective use of fabrics with just a little sparkle to add a touch of glamour and magic. The use of colour and fabric in relation to mood and lighting worked ever so well with the light reflecting from the silks and the sequins in contrast to the wools and mat fabrics absorbing the light. A much more refined collection, refreshing and confident yet not too outrageous nor cocky.

House of Holland Fall 2009 RTW

(photos by Marcio Madeira:

A very impressed Darling xoxo

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