Giles Fall 2009 RTW Review

Giles Fall 2009 RTW

(photos by Marcio Madeira:

Phew! Wow… I am very nearly lost for words and am not quite sure where to begin. Fair to say I’ve never been the biggest fan of Giles, not nearly enough sophistication for my taste but this collection seems to be in a league of its own. Though meant as a homage to himself and intended to capture the fun, naive elements of discovering and developing his taste and vision whilst studying at Central Saint Martins, this collection as a whole appeared to contain none of those elements (or perhaps it did but I was so confused by the end of the show that I almost forgot what I had seen). This is not to say that there weren’t indeed some lovely looks and some lovely pieces, in fact it wouldn’t be outrageous to suggest that almost every look had it’s own merits. However these were not enough to bring the collection together. Apart from a lovely hat and thigh-high boots, there seemed to be little else in terms of consistency to pull you through which resulted in a very lazy and sometimes cheap looking collection. To be quite frank, there appeared to be little grounding in references (or perhaps too many references for that matter) which made everything look dated rather than the favourable ‘classic’. ‘Quality not quantity’ as the old saying goes.

Giles Fall 2009 RTW

(photos by Marcio Madeira:

Darling xoxo

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