Christopher Kane Fall 2009 Review

Christopher Kane Fall 2009

(photos by Marcio Madeira:

Dark, grey and cautiously gloomy? Yes. Dull, flat and positively boring? No Sir. Overwhelming? No, but the impression I get is that perhaps that was the point. Consciously or subconsciously, Kane has the caught the tone of today’s society: positive caution. Great use of craft and technique with an undertone of restriction, not visible but somehow conveyed. Though a very young label, one feels the right to say that this collection contained some classic ‘Kane’ dresses. By ‘classic’, I mean wonderfully wearable, classically fitted yet skillfully modern. This collection seems extremely wearable, decadence played down in return for some posh street wear. ‘A posh girl doing the walk of shame wearing last nights outfit only with the added bonus of Mr Darcy’s quality cashmere tartan jumper, velvet jacket and his shiny, flat, lace-up shoes’ comes to mind. A much more sophisticated collection than it’s predecessors, complete yet open to interpretation.

Christopher Kane Fall 2009

(photos by Marcio Madeira:

Call me Darling xoxo

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